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Manifest Story

When we write fiction, we imagine. The word “fiction” originated from the Latin word “fictio” meaning: to form. I also like to think fiction means false diction or making things up. I like fiction because it’s heart is imagination and invention. Writing fiction can be fun, freeing and fantastical to create.  When I write I […]

Lost & Found

Word Warriorz Contest Illustrations inspire writing and enhance story since the beginning of time.  This contest is calling all visionaries to create an image or submit their original artwork that’s based on the theme LOST + FOUND. Often creatives can feel lost as they work in isolation for many hours. Community can help us feel […]

Write to unite

We write to unite, to share and to connect universal ideas that help us understand our wickedly beautiful story on earth as temporal humans. Writing is an empowering act and according to writer Joseph Epstein “81% of american’s dream of writing a book…” This dream is what gets writers through the gritty grind of one word after […]