Imagination Machine.


This look…I had this look so often as a little girl. The look of imagination—going into another world of sorts, seeing things that aren’t there and entertaining one self in the midst of boredom.

I was this child. You know the one I’m talking about right?

The one that stumbles and stutters when called upon to answer a math question and doesn’t seem to have a clue. Well that was me. But I like to believe I had every clue to a greater imagination machine. One that fuelled my little growing brain into so much more than I realized was possible at the time.

I liked this mind machine because it created more interesting things than what was simply around me. The machine would whirl, twirl and click on when a teacher or a priest’s voice would drone.

You know what I mean by drone don’t you?

A voice that is void of passion. A speaking but not a feeling. My young eyes would wander away from the speaker and find the light.

I would look at a stained glass window that was brighter than the others or the flickering leaves on a tree outside and within a snap I was gone.

I was off in my own world. A world my husband Joe would later coin as Dunny World. It is in this place where I began telling stories, stories of fantasy, of mystery, of myth and adventure.

It is from these stories that I began to draw and then later to write. None of this came naturally but the stories have guided my pen and now I’d like to share them with you.

I’d like to invite you into my world of the real and the imagined.

I hope you find an element of truth in the stories to come and that they in turn reflect your own story.

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