Fierce Fiction-Part 1


Meet Joshua, the winner of first Word WarriorZ contest. He is in grade 4 and I’ve had the pleasure of reading his writing all year. It is the end of term and what he submitted for Word WarriorZ was the best piece I have read from Joshua all year. His writing is full of voice, depth and creativity and nothing short of spectacular.

Joshua had this visual prompt to assist him in the story.

word warriorz courage 1

                                                          God’s Armour

                                                                  By: Joshua Ng

As my feet lifted from the ground and all of the other eleven chains swung around me, I knew something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best of the best. When I almost reached the top, my chain broke and I went into another dimension where there were flying cars. I knew the time machine that I was riding in broke and my dreams would not come true.

I lived on the streets of this other dimension for a month thinking my greatest dreams would not come true. My left hand started to disintegrate into dust and ash because I was being erased from existence. I knew I had to do something to get back to my time. I went to find the broken off magical chain that brought me to this dimension hoping to build a brand new time machine. I went to a place called Intergalactic Fig Hood. I go there to buy my favourite black hole pineapple twist coconut ice cream but that’s beside’s the point. I found my magical chain and I made a spinner out of the expensive copper that I found from the dump. It was ready to go and I hoped the new time machine would send me back to the right time. I jumped into the time machine, strapped myself in fast before I turned into dust and ash. As the time machine spun me around, I got sick and threw up my black hole pineapple twist coconut ice cream.

Unfortunately I was transported to another dimension where there was fire and dragons with lava on them. All of a sudden, I was wearing knight’s armour and versing a dragon on my diamond armoured horse. I swung my sword and I mustered all of my might to kill this flaming dragon. When the dragon blew his fiery breath, I put up my shield of faith and fought this flaming demon dragon. I also had on the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, sword of the spirit, belt of truth and shoes of the gospel of peace and I knew that I had God on my side. I knew I could beat this flaming demon dragon. I charged at the dragon and the dragon blew his fiery breath but I was protected by the best armour, the armour of God! The dragon blew his fiery breath one last time. God’s armour was so powerful that I flipped over the dragon’s head and slayed it with the sword of the spirit. Then God showed me where to go to get back to the time machine that would hopefully send me back to the right time and dimension.

I had saved the earth and I was ready to go home. I strapped myself in and I was no longer afraid. I was at peace because God was with me. I was transported back home and saw my family and my friends and I was so grateful that I was back safe.

Forty years later I told my stories and I got rich from my adventures. I had a good house, good food, and a good life. I even became famous from my adventures. My lesson is even when things get hard or when you are afraid, God is there and if he is there; you can do anything and everything through God.

                                                                        The End

This kid is fierce and fiction like this can change hearts, minds and the world. Joshua was brave to share this story because it holds meaning and a strong message. God’s Armour is a good example of what can happen when a kid gets a visual prompt, a little bribery (Be Brave T Shirt) and a chance to shine in his school community. Joshua is not on Instagram, so leave a comment below to encourage him. Tell him if you liked his story and share @emilyscale on instagram with a friend. Thank you for reading Joshua’s story. Also thank you @kristimmckay who submitted the winning picture prompt caption. It inspired a brilliant bit of fierce fiction.


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