Fierce Fiction Part 3

Meet Victoria the grade 6 winner of Word WarriorZ contest for her sparkling entry entitled, “Under the Daylit moon.”


VIctoria is a natural  born writer. When I read her work I think of the female version of Rick Riodan whose swiftly catching up. Her fiction has punch. It starts off with a crackling zap and leaves the reader desperate to read more of her fast-paced futuristic sci-fi. Her story involves time travel but in a very different way to Josh and Aleena. Her story is about two world’s merging and a desire to understand and a fear of what will be if we (humans) continue to pillage the earth.  I hope you enjoy.

word warriorz courage 1

Under The  Daylight Moon

By Victoria Valladares

     I watched frozen with fear, as everything I knew and loved was destroyed before me. My home, my family and the only life I had ever known. Soft tears rolled down my face, as the last rays of sun faded behind the dark shadow of the moon.

They came with many, waiting for the time of night. We all slept soundly, unaware of the terrors that were in front of us. At 12:00 it began, and as the night went on,many others didn’t.

A faraway voice called to me as the first bomb shot over my head “Get under the bed!” Someone else yelled. CRASH! The bomb had exploded, releasing a sickly yellow gas that blocked my view. I rolled off my bed falling to the floor with a thud, crawling slowly with pain from the impact, I covered my mouth and nose with a blanket, to keep from choking on the sickly gas. I knew I was almost to the door, and after what seemed like a lifetime I could grab the handle.

I let out a cry as I finally crawled into the hall.

‘’Bell, Bell are you there?!” My mother called through the smoke as she coughed and sputtered.

I had no strength to say anything.  So, I pulled myself towards the sound of her voice reaching out my hand, and then I saw her’s… I was so close, so close but then a small black ball rolled in between us, exploding into black fog.

“ NO, NO!” I cried sweat pouring down my face, my heart jumped as i saw the fog fade away, but then it revealed a large hole in the floor showing a dull lifeless galaxy. Before I could scream, shout or yell I was pulled into the deep vortex.

My mind was fuzzy, and confused as I felt a rush of wind go by me. As, I opened my eyes I reached out to my hands and felt a long piece of….grass?. Why, we didn’t have grass on Earth, or at least not anymore. The feel of the long, smooth grass made jumped and as I got up to see my new surroundings, I saw…him. Him, a boy not much older than me.

His name was Ash Jackman which I didn’t know yet.  I couldn’t look away,  he had messy blonde hair, and bright green eyes with pale skin. I moved closer and he turned his head and his mouth fell open. With a lack of nothing to say, I introduced myself.

He said he was Ash, Ash Jackman. And with that, we sat down on the bright green grass.

“ Why do you have grass, and what is the place?” I asked.

 “It’s called Earth.” Ash replied and lay down his head ‘’Also, this grass has always been here!” confused, i said “What are you talking about?… “We are in the year is 2035; we don’t have grass, it was removed long ago!”

As our conversation went on Ash told me that it was the year was 2100, and that he was the last person on Earth, because one day everyone had just disappeared.

Was it really true? could the orb have sent me into the future?  where no one but two people were left!  I was avoiding the answer, which was yes!

We talked and talked telling each other about our pasts. The most incredible thing about “new” Earth was that a thing called a moon came during the day; which was incredible because we had no moon in 2035 or anything like that at all. The years there, “new Earth” seemed to pass quickly and everyday we would sit and talk by the tree.  The tree I first saw when I arrived. As, Ash grew older, I sadly didn’t and as I lost track of time, I also lost track of him. Him, the only friend after I lost everything, under the Daylight moon.


Victoria’s message is relevant. We must look after what we have and enjoy the fruits of the earth. If we do not treat the earth with love and care it will wither and die. What we we’ll be left with is a wasteland. A wasteland much like the world that Ash lives in under the Daylit moon. Ash is a clever name because he is the last boy on earth and I’m guessing in a matter of time Ash is exactly what he will become.

Victoria is brave to write such a story because it teaches us a fundamental truth about our world and the crisis of climate change. We may still have grass but ice bergs, penguins and polar bears are swiftly becoming extinct and perhaps lost treasures of the past.

If you liked Victoria’s story then leave a comment. Tell her what was brilliant and give her lots and lots of reasons to keep on writing. You never know she could be the next NY times bestselling author.

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