Word Warriorz Contest


Word Warriorz is an interactive writing platform that inspires young people to write to unite and create a global community of storytellers. Word Warriorz are writers that create short fiction stories that enhance the world, their fiction is courageous like true warriors in pursuit of peace.

Word warriorz write with meaning, and fearlessness, they are inspired by the magnificent world and awaken their senses to the power of imagination. The Z in word Warrriorz symbolizes the journey every writer must take to becoming a true storyteller. The direction of the writers path is uncertain at times like a wild arrow in pursuit of its target, the arrow may go off track but Word Warriorz never give up.

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C O N T E S T    R U L E S

1) Use a designated picture prompt featured below and write a story with a beginning, middle and end. Also there should be a main character that goes through a conflict and a resolution. A central theme of (community, hope, courage, perseverance, empathy or compassion.)

2) Provide one sentence lesson that summarizes your story.

3) Contest open for entries until November 20th 2016

Illustrations are always accepted but not mandatory.

The story must be at least 500 words but cannot exceed 1500. The story should be submitted electronically to email address Emily.scale@gmail.com with title, name and email address. The winning submission will be featured on www.emilyscale.com blog + instagram @Word_Warriorz, which is connected to a world wide writing community.

The top winner from all schools that submit with consent will get published on the blog and a shout out on instagram and a surprise giveaway.

Teacher’s note: If you want to host a contest at a school. You can be the judge of who wins in each grade that participate. You can publish the story on your own teacher blog and you can also host an event where the students read their stories aloud. There can be a winner in each grade. Invite parents and or participate with them online through @wordwarriorz on instagram.

Have more questions? Then contact me directly @ Emily.scale@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram.


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