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As you can tell, Ms. Abigail Naiskar is a phenomenal kid. She writes with passion and enthusiasm. She is also a leader making contests for her peers and using her skills and abilities. She is a true word warrior writing about being a warrior by not running away when the going gets tough. Abigail weaves this theme of overcoming challenges through her story and shows how working together can bring peace and happiness. Check out her story, leave a comment to encourage her to keep writing. I hope more writers will think of contributing to the many contests @word_warriorz on instagram.

Dream warrior

By Abigail Naiskar

Once upon a time in England there lived a girl named Lucy. She was smart, beautiful and she wore a necklace made of rubies. Lucy had big dreams, She knew all her dreams would come true someday, she dreamt about dragons and fantasy land where the dragons would spew fire from their mouths and fairies would do magic with their wands.

One night as Lucy went to bed early she had an unusual dream. In her dream she saw white walls all around her and a machine with wires connected to her arm. Lucy woke up startled. The next morning as Lucy was walking to school she met her friend Becky, on the way they talked about Lucy’s dream. When they got to school Lucy was still thinking about the dreams so as the teacher gave her question she dreamily replied dragons… and everybody laughed, by now Lucy was feeling embarrassed. When Lucy got back home from school she thought that her dreams were a lie. As Lucy headed to the kitchen to get a cookie she saw her mother sitting in a chair reading a book. Suddenly her eyes saw a glowing book beside her mother’s chair. She quickly picked it up and rushed to her room to see and read what was in the book. When she turned the first page a burst of sparkles exploded. The sparkles formed a continuous circle like a whirlwind. Lucy out of curiosity put her finger in and to her utter shock she was sucked into the whirlwind traveling at a amazing speed into space. She landed with a big thump, Lucy lay still on her back in shock staring at herSurroundings. There was a forest with humungous trees reaching for the skies. At a distance she saw a cottage, she gathered herself and hurried towards the cottage. Lucy knocked at the door which was opened by a beautiful girl in a red dress who wore a golden belt around her waist. Hello said Lucy to the girl who graciously invited Lucy into the house, she gave Lucy some clean clothes and they had tea.

“What’s your name?” Lucy asked.

“Susan.” she replied.

“What’s yours ?” Suddenly a big rumble shook the earth and Lucy felt a huge wind rush in her face.

“What was that?” Lucy asked.

“It is the the ice queen with her wolves and the wind blowers!” Susan replied.

“Oh oh,” Susan said feeling afraid she was turning pale white!

Once Susan was calm Lucy asked her,

“Where am I?”

“Well…” answered Susan, “You are in Dreamland, the place where anything that you dream is true and real. Dreamland is ruled by King Spencer and Queen Helen.”

“Wow” said Lucy “This is amazing.”

Then Susan whispered “Your necklace where did you get it?”

“Oh…” said Lucy “…My mom Celine gave it to me.”

“ I have seen it.” said Susan.

Susan grabbed Lucy’s hand and she said “We need to go to the

fairytale castle so of they went. When they reached, Lucy found herself in a

throne room and then someone touched her shoulder, then a man said to her

“I am king Chandler, child you are the dream warrior your necklace has a

power that can save us all. You will defeat the ice queen and set free the

community that is enslaved and we have been waiting for a long time when

someone comes to help us the ice queen wants the jewel, so she can take

over dream land.”

Now something told Lucy to do it so she said “I will do it!”

“Good{“ said the king.

“May I rest for I am tired?” Lucy asked.

So the king showed her to her bed and she began to sleep she began to dream of one community, coming together with other big community’s to form an army. Then when she woke up she saw a person come in and lay armour on her bed and it was all the colours of the rainbow.

He whispered “It is your dream armour.”

When he left she put the armour on, and when she opened the door there

was a carriage, she went inside and there was Susan, she smiled and

Lucy smiled back.

“I am to give you a tour of the kingdom.” Said Susan.

“Wow” said Lucy “That would be great.”

First they went through the rainbow trail where it was beautiful and sparkly and they saw the waterfall of youth and glass lake and the rainbow arch and the ring of dream ‘s and all the city’s there were hospitals and parks and stores and clothing was all around. They saw water fairies splashing in the water. As they were going they saw a water fairy, she was sinking in some quick sand Lucy rushed to help her.

“Thank you.” she said “My name is Shannon, who are you?”

“I am the dream warrior,” Lucy said softly

” Wow…can I help in your mission?” she asked. Lucy welcomed her warmly. They went back to the palace and there Lucy learned to duel and how to handle a shield. Lucy loved every second of it, and Susan and Shannon gave very good compliments, so it made her feel good. Now she remembered that there was a community that had to be saved, this was going to be a hard job. When they went back inside the castle Lucy wondered if the necklace glowed, suddenly it glowed red then it stopped. Then she went to talk with Queen Helen about it.

The Queen said “Its the power of the gem, whoever is worthy takes power of it in this case you have Lucy.” Then Lucy went to give a speech for she had a great plan, she split everyone by there talents all doctors and nurses would be together, the cooks together all the teachers all the builders. In their group they then would practice the builders built, and the nurses would do tests the cooks would cook and the teachers were sent to a group, where they could help out.

Meanwhile at the ice queen’s place she was boasting of how many dragons she had, and wind blowers and wolves. She had the perfect army, it could beat the other army she thought. “I will finally take over all of Dreamland that dream warrior, can’t stop me!” she said then cackled. For victory was finally hers, at least she thought that. Now the builders were building a very big boat with a balloon holding it, so it would be a flying ship. Now when it was ready all of the people grabbed their weapons and they set up, all the Men were given armour, and the fairies would use their wands. The women made food and clothes with seamstress’ and cooks . The Knights then suited up and took their weapons and the archers lay hidden waiting for the signal.

Lucy sent the king and queen to a cave where they could safely watch. Lucy was about to leave when the queen Helen stopped her.

“There once was a dream warrior, who had the necklace but listened to the lies grabbing the necklace before going to her own world. She was like a sister to me, so this time you must be brave.”

Then the battle began and how it raged, many were killed. Then when Lucy came face to face with the ice queen. She stood firm. The ice Queen whispered about giving her everything she wanted Lucy ‘s eyes grew open the ice queen was then just about to grab the necklace when Lucy cried“No! The good reigns” and raised her sword. Fire burst out of her necklace and Lucy cried “Glow!” She commanded and the more she said it the brighter it became and the ice queen disappeared in the light and all her army. The community was free and safe they all cheered. The next day Lucy was awarded with a medallion. King Spencer said “Whatever you wish for it will be given to you and when you want to visit just tap on the medallion nine times and say I wish to come back. Then Lucy gave Susan and Shannon a big hug and Lucy ran back to the forest and stepped back into the book and found herself back in her room. She found her mother waiting for her.

“Were you the dream warrior that was sent away?” she asked.

“I was,” said her mother sadly.

“Oh but mother…” said Lucy “…I have made things better there we can have a happy life now.”And so they did and they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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