On being a creative.

Being a creative person can be daunting. Every new project comes with unexpected challenges and great frustration. But with such trials come great rewards. I have seen such brilliance time and time again in almost every creative project.

I have been developing Word WarriorZ as a way to inspire more creatives to write and unite to provide more opportunities for aspiring authors to express themselves. Since creating Word WarriorZ nearly a year and a half ago I have seen wonderful examples of the importance of creativity. I have received notebooks, bookmarks, novels and fully developed plays from 9 year olds as indicators that the effort I put into Word WarriorZ is valued and important. So I keep going. Sometimes stumbling into unknown places with each and every contest, photo prompt, dance or story and wondering, is this going to work out? Is this worth it?

Word WarriorZ  is still in its conception stage and has had its turbulent times and humble beginnings but the beauty and wonder and passion that I have witnessed in my classroom and on instagram fuels the desire to keep going by building and connecting with other like minded creators.

Young people really shine when given an opportunity. You can see an example of this enthusiasm in the video below of my grade 4 class singing the song “When I grow up” from the Broadway musical Matilda with their real life dreams/aspirations being spoken in monologues at the beginning. Also we want to give an enormous thank you to the instagram author @omstorybook for writing the monologue in the middle of the song. The kids LOVED IT!

“When I grow up I want to be unafraid. Every step I take will be strong, no more stumbling along this path. I want to be fearless. Ready to sail into the clouds and settle on the sun. When I grow up I’ll make big discoveries about the world and curiosity will only grow. I’ll journey the ocean waters and evergreen forests in search of the unknown and maybe find something new about the sea or even about myself. This isn’t the last me I’ll see in this lifetime and when I grow up I’ll be an even better and stronger person.” By Omstorybook.

In the performance for Grandparents Day today I was reminded that creativity is just as important as all the arithmetic and science and humanities one could study. The show had its quirky moments and a few pauses and mishaps but the point of this project wasn’t to be perfect but to be free. Creativity allows for freedom of expression and authentic learning and pure play, which is essential for all growing kids.

Therefore I’d love to create an online academy in the future to offer this creative writing program to far reaches of the world. “A lofty goal I know!” But one I hope will become part of my story so that when I grow up I’ll be able to write free and unite with all people and their stories.

If you have been part of this community and have participated or shared your creative writing or photography. I want to personally thank you for keeping this flicker of hope alive in me and the young creators in the video. Words and creativity matter.


(Story featured in photo is by Charlotte Visser grade 5)

In the end I have found the moment of triumph (when the project is complete) far surpasses any memories of struggle and it is the struggle that makes us all better and stronger writers and teachers and mothers.

abigail word warrior

4 replies to “On being a creative.

  1. Hey Mrs. Scale I can,t believe how much you have done so far ! I think you really are change a lot of lives ! Say hello to Charlie and Arthur

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  2. Mrs. Scale you look so goofy in that wedding dress on Instagram it’s like like your going to do a little dance and was that Mr. Scale because I was expecting him to be muscular well unless he went to the gym. See you ! 👧🏾👍🏾


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