word warriorz

WORD WARRIORZ is an interactive writing platform that inspires young people to write to unite and create a global community of storytellers. WORD WARRIORZ are writers that create short fiction stories that enhance the world, their fiction is courageous.

WORDWARRIORZ write with meaning, and fearlessness, they are inspired by the magnificent world and awaken their senses to the power of imagination. The Z in WORD WARRIORZ symbolizes the journey every writer must take to becoming a true storyteller. The direction of the writers path is uncertain at times like a wild arrow in pursuit of its target. The arrow may fail to hit its target but WORDWARRIORZ never give up. They keep writing and creating.

Join the  B E   B R A V E  movement +  W R I T E  everyday

Follow me @emilyscale on instagram + get inspired to write more.

word warriorz


C O N T E S T    R U L E S

  1. Must be following @emilyscale IG account
  2. Take a photo of something curious that will inspire a short story.
  3. Caption it (write a short writing prompt to accompany picture)
  4. Post your photo with hashtag #wordwarriorz
  5. Be Brave.

The winning picture prompt will be chosen and featured on the blog and IG account. Also the winning picture prompt will be used in creative writing contests to encourage kids to write + write + write

Thank you to all who support on the writers journey

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